Kevin Welch's poetic songs paint pictures of real people--people you know, people you've seen--so clearly that you realize quickly he's a keen observer of the human experience. His songs have an almost film-like quality in their vision and beauty.

After growing up in Oklahoma, where he played in a popular regional band, Blue Rose Cafe, Kevin moved to Nashville in the late 1970s, upon the suggestion of his friend John Hadley, a professor at the University of Oklahoma. Once in Nashville, he became a songwriter for Tree International. His songs were recorded by such artists as Moe Bandy, Waylon Jennings, Roger Miller, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, The Highwaymen, The Judds, The Kendalls, Patty Loveless, Reba McEntire, Charlie Pride, Ricky Skaggs, Pam Tillis, Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, Don Williams, and Trisha Yearwood.

When Steve Earle broke through with his Guitar Town album, he and others suggested Kevin get a recording contract, and Kevin was soon signed with Warners, where he put out two albums, Kevin Welch and Western Beat, in the early '90s. Warners let Kevin out of the deal, and along with his friends Kieran Kane, Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers, and Harry Stinson, he formed Dead Reckoning Records. By putting out records on their own label, none of these brilliant, unique artists had to face the compromises that major labels sometimes insisted on.

Kevin's first release for DR, Life Down Here on Earth, was greeted with rave reviews, as was his follow-up, Beneath My Wheels. His more recent DR recordings, Millionaire and Live Down Here on Earth, a live recording of a gig on Kevin's recent tour down under with the Australian band The Flood, continue the artistic tradition.

Kevin's recordings are popular around the world, with solid followings in Europe and particularly Canada and Australia, which each of his tours is greeted with sold-out houses. One of those tours, with Kieran Kane, was captured in the live recording 11/12/13: Live in Melbourne.

In 2003, Kevin got back together in a concert with his 1970s band, Blue Rose Cafe, to pay tribute to the band's late founder, Pat Long. The concert was so successful the band released a CD and a two-DVD set recorded live at the gig, Blue Rose Cafe: A Reunion and Tribute to Pat Long.

In 2004, Kevin began recording as a band with fellow Dead Reckoners Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin. After taking their first two albums, You Can't Save Everybody (2004) and Lost John Dean (2006) to number one on the Americana charts, their latest release, Kane Welch Kaplin adds drummer Lucas Kane and continues the groove and intimacy found in the earlier releases. Kevin's tales of lost friends, broken dreams and even serial killers are brought into sharp relief against the pared-down beauty of the music.
Kane Welch Kaplin Lost John Dean Plenty of Time DVD You Can't Save Everybody Blue Rose Cafe

Kane Welch Kaplin
w/Kane Welch Kaplin

Lost John Dean
w/Kane Welch Kaplin

Plenty of Time (DVD)
w/The Flood

You Can't Save Everybody
w/Kieran Kane & Fats Kaplin

Blue Rose Cafe Reunion
w/Blue Rose Cafe

Live Down Here on Earth Millionaire 11/12/13: Live in Melbourne Beneath My Wheels A Night of Reckoning

Live Down Here on Earth
with The Flood

with The Danes

11/12/13: Live in Melbourne
with Kieran Kane

Beneath My Wheels

A Night of Reckoning
with The Dead Reckoners

Life Down Here on Earth Western Beat Kevin Welch

Life Down Here on Earth

Western Beat

Kevin Welch