Kieran Kane's music is adult in the truest sense of the word. His explorations of mature love (The Blue Chair's "Honeymoon Wine"), friends' struggles with personal difficulties ("Kill the Demon" from Six Months, No Sun), and the meaning of life (Shadows on the Ground's title cut) lead directly to his philosophical explorations of faith and life on his latest release, You Can't Save Everybody (with Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin).

The maturity is not surprising; Kieran's been a successful Top Ten solo artist, a member of the duo The O'Kanes (with Jamie O'Hara), with whom he had six more Top Tens and received rave reviews, and a successful songwriter (he wrote Alan Jackson's huge hit "I'll Go On Loving You"). After The O'Kanes split up due to pressure from the major label they were on, Kieran put out another solo album, Find My Way Home, in 1993 with Atlantic, which was produced by his future Dead Reckoning partner Harry Stinson. Even though the record was critically acclaimed, the airplay wasn't enough for Atlantic and Kieran left--and soon formed Dead Reckoning with Stinson, Kevin Welch, Tammy Rogers and Mike Henderson.

The Dead Reckoning collective commit themselves to putting out consistently good records and keeping costs low by working on each other's records. Kieran has put out four solo albums on the label, as well as a live album with Kevin Welch recorded in Australia and three albums with Fats Kaplin and Kevin, You Can't Save Everybody (2004), Lost John Dean (2006) and Kane Welch Kaplin (2007), which features Kieran's son, Lucas Kane, on drums. He continues to write and record with others, including David Francey and Lucas Kane on Go Jane Go (2013) as well as his own CDs, Somewhere Beyond the Roses (2009) and Unguarded Moments (2016).

Kieran is also a talented visual artist; his paintings are in demand the world over. Visit his website,, to see or purchase his art.

Kieran is delighted to recommend Elixir strings. Two sets lasted him an entire three-week Australian tour.
Unguarded Moments Go Jane Go Live at the Bluebird Somewhere Beyond the Roses Kane Welch Kaplin

Unguarded Moments


Go Jane Go
w/David Francey & Lucas Kane

Live at the Bluebird
w/Kane Welch Kaplin

Somewhere Beyond the Roses

Kane Welch Kaplin
w/Kane Welch Kaplin

Lost John Dean Can't Save Everybody Shadows on the Ground The Blue Chair 11/12/13: Live in Melbourne

Lost John Dean
w/Kane Welch Kaplin

You Can't Save Everybody
w/Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin

Shadows on the Ground

The Blue Chair

11/12/13: Live in Melbourne
with Kevin Welch

The Only Years Six Months, No Sun A Night of Reckoning Dead Rekoning Find My Way Home

The Only Years
with The O'Kanes

Six Months, No Sun

A Night of Reckoning
with The Dead Reckoners

Dead Rekoning

Find My Way Home

Imagine That Tired of the Runnin' The O'Kanes Kieran Kane

Imagine That
with The O'Kanes

Tired of the Runnin'
with The O'Kanes

The O'Kanes
with The O'Kanes

Kieran Kane