The Blue Chair

Kieran Kane: The Blue Chair
  1. Honeymoon Wine    Add to cart
  2. Love Is Fair    Add to cart
  3. Same Old Blues    Add to cart
  4. Four Questions    Add to cart
  5. I'm Sorry    Add to cart
  6. Tu Es Avec Moi    Add to cart
  7. Irish Heartbeat    Add to cart
  8. I'll Go On Loving You    Add to cart
  9. Nous Sommes Les MÍmes    Add to cart
  10. Rosie's Gone    Add to cart
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Released: 2000

Kieran Kane (vocals, guitar, mandolin)
Dan Dugmore (guitar)
John Jarvis (keyboards)
Glenn Worf (bass)
Harry Stinson (drums, background vocals)
Kevin Welch, Alison Moorer, Claudia Scott (background vocals)