You Can't Save Everybody

Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin: You Can't Save Everybody
  1. You Can't Save Everybody
  2. Dark Eyed Gal
  3. Hillbilly Blue
  4. Jersey Devil
  5. Somewhere in the Middle
  6. Flycatcher Jack and
    the Whippoorwill's Song
  7. Callin' Me
  8. Till I'm Too Old to Die Young
  9. Cecil's Lament
  10. Everybody's Working for the
    Man Again....
  11. Just Like That
  12. A Prayer Like Any Other

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What Radio and the Critics Say

"Oh -- my -- god! Fabulous." — Marilyn Rea Beyer, WUMB

"Reminiscent of vintage Kevin Welch and old OíKanes material with new musical, philosophical and political twists. Great lyrics and fabulous duets." — Laura Hopper, KPIG

"I am so impressed by the sound of this record. It's just an artistic breath of fresh air." — Mike Lyons, Triple A

"This is a fabulous record! I especially love "Workin' for the Man." Man, what a lyric!" — Rik James, KGLT

"They have a real honest, lived-in sound that carries the music, body and soul, past artificial boundaries of technology right to your brain-pan." — Bob Allen WIAA

"True and glorious traditionalism with not a bad track in sight." — Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

"With 12 tracks including instrumental "Cecil's Lament" and Welch's gloriously melodic "Too Old To Die Young," Can't Save is a treat." — Larry Schwartz, The Age

"The Kane-Sean Locke penned soft gospel title track sets the mood for this disc - arguably their finest hour.... Donít mistake this for alt country - itís real roots country delivered in its purest form." — David Dawson, Beat magazine

"Lyrical, sensuous, intriguing, the music washes over the listener, encasing them in's impossible not to be drawn into the beauty of these songs." — Kathy Coleman, Take Country Back

Check out the great review in the Australian Financial Review!

Released: 2004

Kieran Kane (vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, banjo, boxes, shakers, whappers, feets)
Kevin Welch (vocals, guitar, octave mandolin)
Fats Kaplin (button accordion, tenor banjo, danelectro, fiddle)
Claudia Scott (special guest vocals)