Kane Welch Kaplin

Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin: Kane Welch Kaplin
  1. Ain't Gonna Do It
  2. I Wish I Had That Mandolin
  3. Red Light Blinking
  4. That's What I've Got
  5. Last Lost Highway
  6. Zagnut
  7. Callin' You
  8. Highland Mary
  9. Dark Boogie #7
  10. No One Told Me
  11. 12 Chimes
  12. What Are They Doin' In Heaven Today?


What the Critics Say


"Another tasty downhome treat from Kane Welch and Kaplin.No artificial ingredients and no chemical aftertaste!" — Jim Manion, WFHB (Bloomington, Indiana)

"Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin, known as Kane Welch Kaplin, are the Captains in a sea of songwriters and when their ship sails you better be on it. The wind is at their backs and only they know where to find the buried treasure. I've always loved these guys and the new disc is core Americana. I'm on board." — Mattson Rainer, KNBT (New Braunfels,Texas)

"In those three surnames there lies a serious bundle of talent. Kieran Kane is among the greatest living minimalists in Americana music, Kevin Welch is a master of the story song, and Fats Kaplin is the kind of sensitive multi-instrumentalist of whom songwriters dream. Ah yes, a supergroup." — The Irish Times

"These musicians long ago quit compromising, instead creating music that is austere, sincere, and honest. Kane Welch Kaplin isn't meant for background listening; it's made to be absorbed while reading the lyrics and concentrating on the passion, subtle talent, and earnest approach of an American collective that just keeps getting better." — Amazon.com

"There's no question that Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane, Lucas Kane and Fats Kaplin are one solid band... the album sets an excellent standard for the group's innovative style of American folk music." — About.com

Released: 2007

Kieran Kane (vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, octave mandolin, maracas)
Kevin Welch (vocals, guitar, tambourine)
Fats Kaplin (fiddle, electric sitar, guitar, theremin, accordion, steel guitar, electric guitar)
Lucas Kane (drums, tongue drum)