Lost John Dean

Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin: Lost John Dean
  1. Monkey Jump
  2. Satan's Paradise
  3. Lost John Dean (clip)
  4. Heaven Now
  5. Postcard from Mexico
  6. To the Harvest Look Ahead
  7. I Can't Wait
  8. Mr. Bones
  9. Clean Getaway
  10. Them Wheels Don't Roll
  11. Mellow Down Easy


What the Critics Say


"The sum of these parts--Kane, Welch, Kaplin, their knowing dialogues and their focus on getting to the heart--equals a magnificent, timeless whole. Lost John Dean is a journey for the ages." — David McGee, Barnes and Noble

"With the joyous energy here, plus their acceptance of the inevitable, these three artists take the advice they're passing along, able to blow their collective tops for all the mellowing. And it's a pleasure." — Barry Mazor, No Depression

"...A collection of eleven of the most intimate and exquisitely arranged and traditional Appalachian balladry you'll ever hope to hear this year.... We can hear the professionalism, passion and trust coming through the achingly affecting vocals of both players, on every occasion that they step up to the microphone." — Nick Argyriou, FasterLouder.com.au

"Balancing grit and transcendence is not an easy task, but KWK come close to striking it perfectly." — Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News

"These three formidable talents armed with nothing more than their camaraderie, exquisite voices, guitars, impeccably played minimal instrumental accompaniment, and an armful of solid, powerful songs have created a dazzling trek across roots music, one that's filled with rich textures and potent, vivid imagery." — AnnMarie Harrington, Take Country Back

"...captivating songs spiked with images of good and evil, gamblers, guns, despair and resurrection." — Jay Votel, Washington Times

"...a collection of songs that both echoes and resonates with the canon of American roots music." — Jason Moon Wilkin, Nashville Rage

"Tired of that oh so slick stuff that oozes out of every station on the AM, FM, and TV dial? Lost John Dean delivers enough grit to keep the music real." — Vintage Guitar

Released: 2006

Kieran Kane (vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, banjo, tambourine, drum and drum sounds)
Kevin Welch (vocals, guitar, assorted groove slaps)
Fats Kaplin (accordion, button accordion, pedal steel, oud, fiddle, electric guitar, takeoff guitar)