Callin' Me

Kieran Kane
Sean Locke

Callin' me, callin' me
Will there be somebody callin' me

Sometimes I lay awake at night
And I cannot get to sleep
So many thoughts run through my head
Thoughts that trouble me
In a universe so vast and deep
How can you really know
And say for sure that you believe
Anything that you've been told


Chapters, verses, psalms and kings
Buddha, Christ or Zen
Religion or philosophy
Gods or simple men
Ash to ash and dust to dust
I've done the best I can
If there's someone who put me here
Will he take me back again




Kieran Kane: vocal, 5 string banjo
Kevin Welch: guitar, harmony
Fats Kaplin: fiddle

2004 Glacier Park Music, a div. of Moraine Music Group/Family Style Publishing. All rights administered by Family Style Publishing (SESAC). Songs of Moraine, admin. by Moraine Music Group / Songs of Welk, admin. by Yak Yak Music (BMI).

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