Flycatcher Jack And
The Whippoorwill's Song

Kevin Welch

The wind is warm as mothers milk and steady as a siren
Though my whiskers smell of soap, my pistol smells of iron
This front porch is higher than the rest of this poor town
I piss every day away and watch the sun go down

If I was a gambling man the way I used to be
Those downtown gals would gather 'round just to watch the likes of me
Them lazy bones would tumble, yeah those lazy bones would roll
And Id pick out my downtown gal and give her all my gold

Hey, hey whippoorwill sings
All kind of foolish things
All I know's if I had wings
Id be gone by now

Once a year this old hotel fills up at harvest time
Mexicans and gypsy kids, theyre mostly friends of mine
They all come in at sundown, fill my whisky glass
Sit and sing a song or two and let the evening pass

In the old days Id work with them, till the work was done
The crew I had back in those days was always number one
Northward with the season, southbound in the fall
Till I got hurt in the oil patch, man I had it all


But this year we had no rain at all, not a single crop came in
And nothing moves on Main street now but an Oklahoma wind
I am just a shadow of the man I used to be
I wish I had someone to sing the Long Black Veil with me

Hey, hey whippoorwill sings
All kind of crazy things
All I know is if I had wings
I'd be gone by now


Kevin Welch: vocal, guitar
Kieran Kane: octave mandolin, drum, brush
Fats Kaplin: dan electro guitar
Claudia Scott: harmony vocal

2004 Chaos Canyon Songs, a div. of Moraine Music Group (SESAC).

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