Hillbilly Blue

Kieran Kane
Sean Locke

Back on Blue Mountain snow is melting
And the creek is running fast
Thereís deerís grazing in the meadow
After a long winterís passed


And Iím hillbilly blue
Iím hillbilly blue
See Iím hillbilly blue
Iím hillbilly blue

Iím here on the front lines
Every day is like a war
No matter how hard Iím working
Everybody wants a little more


I wanna see that snow melting
Watch them deer getting fat
Iím dreaming 'bout returning
I donít know if Iíll make it back



Kieran Kane: guitar, lead vocal, foot stomp
Kevin Welch: guitar, harmony vocal
Fats Kaplin: fiddle

© 2004 Glacier Park Music, a div. of Moraine Music Group/Family Style Publishing. All rights administered by Family Style Publishing (SESAC). Songs of Moraine, admin. by Moraine Music Group / Songs of Welk, admin. by Yak Yak Music (BMI).

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