Jersey Devil

Kevin Welch


Thought I saw the Jersey Devil
Up the road, 'round the bend
Thought I saw the Jersey Devil
Dancin' in his moccasins

Whoa me, my oh mister
13th child of Mother Leeds
He's come back and he's huntin' for something
Wonder what the Jersey Devil needs

Hey, hey mama gotta close yer window
Take your peach pie offa the sill
That Jersey Devil got a sweet tooth on him
Never been known to get his fill


Every man and woman, every child on Sunday
Looks up to the preacher man
And waits for him to tell them something
They can finally understand


I tell ya that ain't no bobcat screaming
I tell ya that ain't no tricky wind
Tellin' you man that I heard something
I don't ever want to hear again


Thought I heard the Jersey Devil
Hissin' outside my back door
But I got a ball bat in my hand
Ain't gonna fool with him no more



Kevin Welch: guitar, lead vocal
Kieran Kane: octave mandolin, little big drum, noises
Fats Kaplin: button accordion
Claudia Scott: harmony vocal

2004 Chaos Canyon Songs, a div. of Moraine Music Group (SESAC).

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