Till I'm Too Old To Die Young

Kevin Welch
John Hadley
Scott Dooley

If life is like a candle bright
Then death must be the wind
You know you can close your window tight
And it still comes blowing in

So I will climb the highest hill
And I'll watch the rising sun
And I pray that I won't feel the chill
Till I'm too old to die young

Let me watch my children grow
To see what they become
Lord don't let that cold wind blow
Till I'm too old to die young

I have had some real good friends
I thought would never die
But now all that I got left of them
Are these tear drops in my eyes

So if I could have one wish today
And I know it would be done
I'd say everyone could stay
Till they're too old too die young

Repeat chorus twice


Kevin Welch: vocal, guitar
Kieran Kane: octave mandolin
Fats Kaplin: button accordion

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