You Canít Save Everybody

Kieran Kane
Sean Locke

Old dirty dog walking down the street
No shadow did he cast
Clock on the wall
No hands at all
No present, no future, no past

You canít save everybody
No word, no deed, no praise
You canít save everybody
Everybody donít want to be saved

Old headstones, old buried bones
Just laying 'round cemetery deep
Iím burning matches
For the sake of making ashes
Just trying to get some sleep


(Instrumental break)

Poetry pages filled through the ages
With words that donít make no sense
Quart of beer in a brown paper sack
Two dollars away from the rent



Kieran Kane: lead vocal, 5 string banjo, subsonic drum
Kevin Welch: octave mandolin, harmony vocal
Fats Kaplin: dan electro guitar

© 2004 Glacier Park Music, a div. of Moraine Music Group/Family Style Publishing. All rights administered by Family Style Publishing (SESAC). Songs of Moraine, admin. by Moraine Music Group / Songs of Welk, admin. by Yak Yak Music (BMI).

You Can't Save Everybody