Somewhere Beyond the Roses

Kieran Kane: Somewhere Beyond the Roses
  1. Way Down Below
  2. Why Can't You
  3. Somewhere Beyond the Roses
  4. Unfaithful Heart
  5. Marriage of Convenience
  6. Anybody's Game
  7. More To It Than This
  8. I Took My Power Back
  9. Hands Across the Water
  10. Don't Try to Fight It
  11. Tell Me Mama


What the Critics Say

"Marrying his brilliantly inventive and assertive banjo to the baritone sax of Lambchop's Deanna Varagona, with electric guitar and percussion (and steel guitar on one track), Kane is a master of less-is-more. His lyrics are wise, sharp and surprising, and there too he doesn't waste a word. These are 11 thoughtful, often wry, little songs to move both the heart and the feet.!" — Scotsman (Edinburgh, Scotland)

"This newest release by the founder of Dead Reckoning Records, and a founding member of The O'Kanes only clocks in at 34:11 and you damn sure wish it were double that because of its stunning musical adventurousness.... If you automatically think bluegrass and country when you see the banjo listed as an instrument you had better rearrange/expand your thinking because these men are seriously broadening its use. Whoever dreamed up pairing up banjo and baritone sax?…supported by electric guitar and drums? This is a disc that has long rewards for those who want to expand their musical horizons and grow into new areas. Hats off to Kieran Kane, and all others, who are willing to take the risks that have such huge rewards." — Bob Gottlieb,

Released: 2009

Kieran Kane (vocals, banjo)
Deanna Varagona (baritone sax, vocal)
Richard Bennett (electric guitar)
Lucas Kane (drums)
Fats Kaplin (steel guitar on "Unfaithful Heart")
David Olney (vocal on "Don't Try to Fight It")