The Speed of Love

Tammy Rogers: The Speed of Love
  1. Yesterday's Kisses
  2. We Know Love
  3. Between A Rock And A Soft Place
  4. Rescue Me
  5. Thought You Should Know
  6. The Speed Of Love
  7. The Train
  8. I'm Turning Back
  9. If That's Not Real Love
  10. How Can I Lose?
  11. A Little More In Love
  12. Going For A Drive
  13. Mama's Got Some Money
  14. (hidden track)

Released: 1999

Tammy Rogers (fiddle, mandolin, strings, vocals, melodica, engineer)
Kieran Kane (guitar (acoustic), mandolin)
Pat Buchanan (guitar (acoustic))
Dan Dugmore (guitar (electric), guitar (steel))
Jeff King (guitar (acoustic), guitar (electric), engineer)
Alison Prestwood (bass (electric))
Harry Stinson (percussion, drums, vocals)
Glenn Worf (bass (upright))
Brian David Willis (tambourine, engineer)